Romagna is like its food, coming on holiday in Romagna means doing a gastronomic journey through its genuine and simple products, and that’s why we particularly care about the restaurant cuisine which is the most important part of our offer and which we are very proud of.

The cuisine of our restaurant, the healthy and tasty eating and the genuine products.

We know very well how to choose the best quality for you, preferring local made products and being very careful about food intolerances and dietetic needs, we are in particular very well organized in preparing meals for celiac disease and for vegetarians; we offer a renunciation free holiday!

Gluten free pasta, bread and breakfast, and the guaranty to cook your foods separately. In the Hotel Amico Restaurant you’ll come to know the regional cuisine and the unique gastronomic recipes of our beautiful Italy, international dishes and vegetarian specialities.

At the table you’ll get the seasonal smells and you’ll enjoy the pleasure of the inspiration fused with the tradition, the balance of the flavours, the freshness of the products and you’ll especially come to know the “Romagna of the Sea”. This is reason of big pride for all Cervesi that love eating fish and know how to cook it properly. We’ll do this for you too each day at lunch and dinner. Water and wine are offered by us with the “all inclusive packages”, you just have to choose what to eat from the many courses in the menu, you can help yourself with starters and vegetables available at the buffet and (if you still have some space) indulge into our desserts. At this stage the food lovers will be really completely satisfied!

And how could we ignore the beginning of the day each day of your holiday? The morning is for some people the toughest time of the day... Here is the sweetest start, the smell of the warm croissants... Let be tempted by the rich breakfast buffet: brioches, homemade cakes, biscuits, fresh fruit, yogurt, cereals, eggs, all for the Italian breakfast plus all the products for the international one...It will be really hard job choosing between sweet and savoury!

We’ll always offer you the best! This is exactly what you deserve for your holiday!.

Hotel Amico

Viale Emilia, 70
48015 Pinarella di Cervia (Ra)
Tel.e Fax 0544.987077
P.IVA: 02420740397

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