Swimming pool

The Amico Hotel Swimming Pool hidden and protected by the pine woods and surrounded by a large solarium, a real relax oasis where you can lay in the water and chill-out, float and relax.

A BIG POOL WITH THREE DIFFERENT ZONES, three different styles for three different needs.

The largest part of the pool measure the depth of 1.5m all through to guarantee better safety and peace of mind when you swim.
It's a separate pool with shallow water just for the little ones! It's been planned for your children to swim in complete safety having a lot of fun, because children are the most important people in the Amico Hotel and "more space for kids means more peace of mind for the adults".

In the third zone of the pool we thought to your wellbeing. The spacious hydro- massage pool with more than 10 seats is located in the raised part of the swimming pool. Imagine yourself floating in this "bubble throne" with the fantastic view over the surrounding oasis created by us for you.

Hotel Amico

Viale Emilia, 70
48015 Pinarella di Cervia (Ra)
Tel.e Fax 0544.987077
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